A collection of frequently asked questions about our website.

For Customers (4)

How Much Does It Cost To Post A Job?
It is totally free to post a job.
Can I Get Something Other Than A Vehicle Moved?
No, we only support the moving of vehicles at the moment.
How Long Will My Job Stay Live For?
Your job will stay live on our website until you accept a quote for it or close it. However, please keep in mind that newer jobs will appear before your job.
Why Can I Not See Which Company Quotes For My Job?
We do this in the interest of fairness and competition. It has the effect of companies out bidding each other to secure your job.

For Car Transport Companies (4)

How Much Does It Cost To Sign Up?
It costs €30 per month to sign up as a car transport company.
Can I Try Your Website Out Before I Sign Up?
When you sign up you are automatically given a free trial for your first 30 days. If you cancel before your free trial expires you will not be charged.
When Is Payment Taken From My Card?
Payments are taken every 30 days. Your first payment is taken on day 30 as we have a 30 day free trial.
How Does The Customer Pay Me?
The customer pays you cash on delivery or as per whatever terms you both agree among yourselves off site. NOTE: The purpose of is to help you find car transport jobs. How you get paid for those jobs you win, is totally up to you to decide.
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